What information does The Property Partners collect?

The Property Partners collects personally identifiable information to the extent you provided it directly or via third parties, including name, address, email address, mobile and landline telephone numbers, etc.

The Property Partners may also store company information provided by you or your colleagues relating to invoicing or payment, including bank account details.

Why does The Property Partners collect this information?

The Property Partners uses the information for one or more of the following purposes:

  • Providing you and/or your company with information about serviced office space, for which you have expressed a need
  • For maintaining an ongoing business-to-business relationship relating to the provision of serviced office space to individual clients
  • For managing the provision of goods or services from suppliers to our business.
What does The Property Partners do with this information?

The information we hold is solely for the use of The Property Partners who will only share personally identifiable information with outside parties to the extent required by law — otherwise, such information is never shared with third parties for any purpose whatsoever.

The security of your data is of paramount importance to The Property Partners who take all reasonable steps to maintain this. Internally, electronic data is protected by firewall, realtime scanning software and passwords where appropriate, while external communications use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Some of our data is held in the cloud by Microsoft and Avidian,
global organisations that maintain the highest levels of security over client information.

What if I don’t want my information stored by The Property Partners for any reason or purpose?

If you have submitted personally identifiable information, directly or via a third party, to The Property Partners and would prefer that The Property Partners do not store it for any purpose, please email us at requesting it to be deleted. This will be done as soon as is practical after receipt.